Top 13 Absolutely Worst Celebrity Neighbors


If you’ve ever dreamed of having a celebrity as your neighbor, we’re telling you, think again! Celebs can be like any other -bad- neighbor out there, they can anger you with the kind of unpredictable behavior that can turn the community environment into pure chaos. It may be fun to watch them on TV and learn about their extravagant lifestyles in the magazine, but trust us on this one, the stars in this list are not the type of people you want living next door.

Some are party animals who keep neighbors up all night, others park on your lawn or block your driveway, yeah, the kind of common neighborly problems that generate serious conflict within their communities. Wanna know how celebs stir up drama where they live? Read on to find out the conflicting situations provoked by your favorite big shots that have turned them into neighbors from hell.

#13 – Gigi Hadid

The loud singer!

Gigi Hadid
Image: Your Next Shoes

Miss Hadid doesn’t come out as you typical party girl, she doesn’t have kids and doesn’t seem like the kind of girl who would park her car in the middle of your driveway. What then can make Gigi a bad neighbor? Nothing but her particular stress reliever! When she is under lots of stress, the super model likes to sing Broadway show tunes, a relaxing pastime Gigi shares with her boyfriend Zayn Malik who she confesses joins her more often than he is willing to admit!