What Celebrities are Drinking: From Fancy Cocktails to Scotch on the Rocks!


Wonderful and amazing fans! You want to know the kind of drinks the most popular celebrities in the world are drinking? I guess your answer is YES! Certainly you will be surprised if you read on and get to know their brand of drinks and why those drinks are their preferred choice.

1. Jay-Z has a Penchant for Armand de Brignac Champagne Drink

America’s highly rated rapper and celebrity superstar has a passion for Armand de Brignac Champagne drink. The famous and rich superstar who is the husband of famous music act Beyonce (both of which are super celebrities with meritorious tract of success) is well known for his industrious and huge talent that has seen him become very rich and successful in his entire music career. The multi million dollar superstar will leave no stone unturned to have a good time taking a glass of Armand de Brignac Champagne drink which is his favorite.

2. Jennifer Aniston Loves to Drink Margarita

The beautiful actress who has made astonishing headlines on several occasions in her extensive and successful Hollywood career did not hide her feelings and preference for the Margarita drink. This is what she said about it, “I like taking margarita with a mix of a little sweet, a little sour with plenty of kick”. Jenifer no doubt ranks among the celebrities in the world with high taste of good and quality drinks.

3. Kim Kardashian Likes to Drink “White Russian”

Wondering what one of the world’s most famous celebrity entertainer Kim Kardashian loves to drink? It is the “White Russian”! Although the sultry and beautiful celebrity act said she rarely drinks that much, but when she has appetite for a cocktail the White Russian drink is her favorite. While it has been noticed in the recent that she rarely consume much alcohol in public, she has made a bold claim for her love for the white Russian drink (made up of sweet cocktail made of vodka, coffee liqueur and cream , with quite a number of categories) also very popular among other celebrities, is a delight to Kim.

4. Oprah Winfrey Drinks Lemon Drop Martini

Oprah, one of the world’s richest black American woman is a celebrity with a difference. This industrious TV show magnate, whose immense success has drawn extreme attention all over the world has a taste for Martinis drink, although the producers of the aforesaid drink through marketing strategy have change brands from time to time Oprah is not perturbed by that, she still love taking the drink, especially the brands made to be a little sweeter, with lemon drops and some traces or drops of pomegranate, this is Oprah’s best drink combination.

5. Snoop Doggy Dogg and Colleagues Drink 40 oz.

World famous Rapper based in the United States of America, who also doubles as one of the richest in the music industry in America drinks 40 oz. Although 40 oz is not allowed in some States, most celebrities however endorsed the liquor drink and even sang about it. Among the celebrities that endorsed it are the late Notorious B.I.G, late 2Pac, Ice cube, Warren G, Nate Dogg and a host of others who also drank and often display it on screen or during their performance on stage.

6. Eminem Loves to Drink Vodka

British born rapper who is very talented in rap music major, is highly connected with drinking vodka. The multi-talented celebrity music rapper who was discovered and promoted by Doctor Dre did not hide his passion for Vodka as it often reflects in his genre of music, where he sang about it. The eccentric and highly controversial rapper, ever since making his hit debut some few years back has won awards and can be said to be one of the successful rappers of the last period of 15 years. Perhaps, vodka could be the source of his inspiration as a controversial rap artiste. His popular Youtube video shot in 2011 showed where he was drinking Vodka at the Lollapalooza arena where the video was shot.

7. Britney Spears Drinks Strawberry Frappuccino

World famous and British born celebrity music sensation, Britney Spears declared in 2011 interview of the US magazine that; she loves to drink strawberry frappuccino. The UK diva who has one of the most successful music careers in the UK made this known during her visit to the frequent Starbucks runs in February 10, 2011. She said that her most favorite drink is the strawberry frappuccino. Although she is hardly seen drinking in public. But yet, she personally made these statements during the Starbucks runs occasion.

8. John Travolta’s Favorite Drink is Bombay Sapphire Martini

Celebrity veteran actor John Travolta is a household name in the history of Hollywood. Travolta also shares his social drinking lives style with his fellow celebrities and colleagues in the entertainment industry. His favorite drink is the dry gin Bombay Sapphire. This drink is popularly linked to the era of the British reign in India. The actor cum-singer is in love with the martinis drink. The drink is developed from ten different varieties of botanicals such as the cassia, orris root and juniper berries proven to be of high valuable content.

9. Johnny Depp Likes Blueberry and Ginger Bourbon Sour Drinks

Popular movie act and celebrity superstar Johnny Depp has a passion for drinks, especially mixed drinks such as the blueberry and ginger. There is also the sour type maraschino cherry and orange slice drinks which are all similar but of different varieties of the blueberry and ginger bourbon sour drinks combination. The handsome actor who is always seen many times with these options, really loves it like a companion. Ask Depp if he cares for a drink and you wouldn’t be surprised at his choice of blueberry and ginger bourbon sour drinks.

10. Madonna Loves to Drink Pomegranate Martini

World famous and lead female musical act, whose career spans across the 80’s, 90’s and this millennium has a penchant and taste for a well mixed pomegranate Martini drink. Whether she is on tour all over the continent or for any other special occasion, her choice is always Pomegranate Martini drink. The veteran musician who also doubles as an actress is a celebrity with a great taste and success. Her hit songs and groundbreaking music that held many spell bound over the decades will not be complete without her having a drink from the pomegranate Martini.