Top 10 Celebrities And Their Sports Teams: Who Shows Up For The Games?



Every sports team has a fan base and all sporting teams have followers. And that necessarily makes anyone who follows a particular team a fan of such sports team. But what about Celebrities? Which sports teams do they follow? I’m sure by now you are very curious to know, so, lets go! Lets take a ride on a tour of Top 10 Celebrities and their sports team: Who shows up for the games?

1. Justin Bieber – Toronto Maple Leafs

Your superstar Justin Bieber, if you would love to know, is a multi-follower of sporting activities in the world. Number one on the list of the renowned celebrity star’s favorite sport is the game of hockey. The Canadian artist’s favorite sports is also rooted in his hometown Toronto Maple Leafs where he hails from. He is a big fan of his hockey home team and appears to have been following his darling home team as a teenager. Let’s remember that he is one of today’s most popular pop singers whose music prowess made waves on Youtube video posting of his adventure into music before he caught the attention of the world through his musical talent. He is also a big fan of Floyd Mayweather, Miami Heat, LA Kings, and FC Barcelona sports teams.

2. Beyonce – Houston Rockets

Celebrity female artist, Beyonce Knowles, wife of superstar and famous rapper, Jay-Z, is an fervent fan of Houston Rockets, it is obvious as she has been seen quite a number of times in Houston Rockets games. She was spotted in one of her favorite team’s game where she was wearing a Rockets fitted cap and a James Harden (one of the team’s famous star) jersey. There is no doubt that the Houston Rockets is Beyoncé’s favorite sports team.

3. Daniel Radcliffe – New York Giants

Daniel Radcliffe, the celebrity behind the successful and award winning film “Harry Potter” is a flaming fan of football sports. American football is his favorite and he is emotionally attached to the New York Giants. He is a regular at the New York Giants games and he has been caught several times on camera rejoicing in the team’s victories. One of the videos was posted on Youtube, where he was seen smiling and embracing fans of the team in celebration of his team’s victory. The famous celebrity actor is actually a bit obsessed with the New York Giants.

4. Nicki Minaj – New York Giants

International and popular American music songstress and diva, Nicki Minaj, is a big sports follower and fan of the New York Giants. The beautiful and color freak self styled singer has shown up on several occasions to watch her darling team, usually causing a stir due to her flamboyant lifestyle. She is a proud fan of the NYG.

5. Rihanna – LA Lakers and Liverpool FC

Celebrity female musician, Rihanna, who has made waves in the music industry due to her famous song “UNDER MY UMBRELLA” also has a passion and flair for the Lakers (one of the top basketball teams in the US) and she sometimes goes to watch the team’s top matches and astonishingly also, she shows preference and taste for football and that makes her a fan of both sports. While it is no news that she hails from Barbados (a former British Colony), perhaps it is one of the reasons why she loves Liverpool, her contact with British citizens must have influenced her choice of Liverpool football club of England as her football team of choice.

6. Drake – Toronto Raptors

We cannot give any specific explanation to the celebrity artist’s reason for his big allegiance for Toronto Raptors, but all we know is that he has been following and watching matches of the team. While it is a big surprise to NBA generally, his preference for this modest basketball club to the much more illustrious contemporaries’ basketball clubs which comes as a surprise to many. Anyways, the fact is that he loves the team, and has been a fan of Toronto Raptors…why however, is still an unsolved mistery!

7. Selena Gomez – San Antonio Spurs

Celebrity entertainer Selena who is Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend is a fan of the San Antonio Spurs, we also know that she hails from San Antonio. Justin Bieber her ex in the other hand, is a fan of Miami Heat which happens to the rival team to the San Antonio Spurs. While she is no longer with Justin, she is still “emotionally attached to her home team” and is a regular at the team’s matches.

8. Bradley Cooper – Philadelphia Eagles

Bradley Cooper is a celebrity that has an obsession for sports and he’s a very big fan of Philadelphia Eagles. Bradley will not be happy if he misses his darling team’s matches. He is also a native of Philadelphia who has been a fan for who knows how long. Among the celebrities who love this team too are Questlove and John Legend.

9. Demi Lovato – Dallas Cowboys

Demi Lovato, daughter of the former Dallas Chair-leader of the Cowboys, Texas born, she is a huge fan of the city’s sports and activities. We have carefully read  tweets in which she expresses her feverish support to the Cowboys. Recently, she has also shown her support to Michael Sam (the first gay player to ever been drafted into NFL openly).

10. Zac Efron – New Orleans Saints & LA Lakers

Zac, a hot stud we first met as a “High School Musical” star with proven success, and a celebrity who is widely regarded as a Wildcats fan, emotionally attached to his teams. Yes! He is not a fan of a single team, his preferences include New Orleans Saints and Lakers. Not only that, he loves English Premier League with no particular team at heart as far as we know. Occasionally he shows up at matches, sometimes trying to avoid the cameras.