14 Under 40: Today’s Most Influential People


This is not just any rank, but a careful selection of a group of leaders in a number of fields who we believe pull the strings and somewhat shape their areas of work with their vibrant passion and short, but precious, expertise. Our attempt is not to give you a list of powerful people money wise, but to bring you some of the brightest young talents out there, whose impact and achievements are remarkable and a direct result of their unique ambition and talent, which has granted them a powerful level of influence in today’s society. You’ve got to meet them, read their stories and discover what makes them stand out in today’s highly competitive world. We are certain that you will be able to relate to their beginnings and become immediately inspired when you find out the simple moves that changed their games, and can indeed start changing yours today!

#14 – Ryan Graves (Senior Vice President, Uber)

Ryan Graves
Image: YouTube

One tweet and good luck is all it took for Ryan Graves to begin the path towards turning himself into a billionaire. From day one he had the motivation and initiative to work on every base aspect of Uber, to help set up strong pillars for a great kick off, since its launch in San Francisco to its global expansion. Today, Uber is one of the hottest startup companies with an app that connects drivers of vehicles for hire.


He doesn’t see himself as a corporate guy spending 20 years in the same place, but rather Graves is the guy that makes a hole and creates new windows when conventional doors close up on him. Having been turned down from a job he applied to at Foursquare, he insisted by going further and calling up bars and restaurants in Chicago, explaining how Foursquare worked, and encouraging them to sign up, pretending to work at Foursquare, as a way to call the investor’s attention… and it worked! He was hired to help with business development, and while there, Graves got in touch with more people within the startup world. One lucky day, he replied “hire me :)” to a tweet posted by Travis Kalanick about a position at Uber that interested him, and well… you know the rest of the story.

Bits of Knowledge: You gotta intentionally put yourself in the right situations and have the drive to make things happen for you. Great opportunities don’t come knocking at your door.