Top 25 Most Expensive Celebrity Plastic Surgeries


#24 – Denise Richards

Denise Richards Plastic Surgery Cost
Image: Twirl It

For someone as naturally beautiful as Denise Richards to go under the knife should be considered a sin! The actress however, seeking to accentuate her beauty, has had several cosmetic procedures, some of which haven’t exactly turned as expected. She had as many as three breast augmentation surgeries, because in the first two the results weren’t satisfying, leaving her with a breast size not appropriate for her body frame.

In addition, Denise decided to use fillers and Botox to keep her face looking tight and toned, as well as wrinkle free. The fact is Richards is so concerned with her looks, sometimes it becomes alarming to see how much weight she has lost, to the point where she actually looks malnourished and unhealthy. These issues can’t be fixed with surgery though! So in order to recover her charm, Denise will have to carry out a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Plastic Surgery Cost: $13,000