Top 25 Most Expensive Celebrity Plastic Surgeries


Celebrities are under great pressure to always look their best, regardless of the outrageous plastic surgery cost. Their popularity, and ultimately, their jobs, depend on it! Upgrading their looks is not a rare event amongst celebrities, and by no means a private one either! Every time a star tucks, tightens, pulls, veneers, lasers or chisels anything in their bodies, we are the first ones to notice! Cosmetic procedures like Botox, breast augmentation, lip-plumbing, rhinoplasty and liposuction become a public affair within days when you are in the spotlight! While it is hard to confirm exactly what they had done and how much it cost celebrities to go under the knife, taking a look at their before and after shots gives us a pretty good idea of what they have been through to try and improve their appearance… or not! For better or for worse, Hollywood’s obsession with plastic surgery goes well beyond all rational limits and we have gathered the photos to prove it.

Look through our compilation of some top celebrities who have spent a fortune on mostly unnecessary—at least in our opinion—plastic surgery bills, and the results are, well, you better see them yourself!

#25 – Blake Lively

Blake Lively Plastic Surgery Cost
Image: Celebie

As much as the “Gossip Girl” star has insisted on denying it, evidence shows that Blake had a nose job done to narrow and reduce her in size. The result is truly amazing because not only does it now look smaller, but it totally refined her expression, as her new nose seems much more appropriate for her face and profile.

While Blake refuses to comment on her rhinoplasty, rumors are also pointing at a new possible surgery: breast implants! In total Blake has possibly spent around $7,300 going under the knife to look absolutely flawless.

Plastic Surgery Cost: $7,300