Top 16 Most Shocking One Hit Wonders


For someone who only dreams of having a shot at being famous, becoming a One-Hit-Wonder might be compared to winning the lottery. That is the case of the fugacious stars we bring you today, some questionably talented, others with potential to turn into celebrities but all with one thing in common: They only had a fleeting taste of success, so short, you probably don’t remember them. These people came out with a huge hit in their careers, enjoyed their brief moment in the limelight, and then, abruptly flipped into oblivion. What did we miss? What went wrong? Actually some of their smashes were so impressive today we have decided to mourn, once more, their short-lived careers and wish we had enjoyed their talent some more.

Life was cruel to these guys who made it to the top of the mountain but quickly slipped down. A mighty fall indeed! We reckon that not all rookies of the year become superstars but can’t help but wonder: Is it better to have that one hit and then fade away, than to have no hit at all? And more importantly, what makes a one-hit-wonder fall from grace? Let’s take a trip down memory lane and remember what made these guys super popular, before the world just as quickly, got over them! Mourn with us!

#16 – Elizabeth Berkley

Elizabeth Berkley
Image: Celebuzz

Known as the overachieving goody-goody in Saved By the Bell, Jessie Spano, at 17 Elizabeth Berkley had everything an actress could wish for to continue her rise to fame and conquer Hollywood, but fresh out of the TV show that started it all for her, things took a dramatic turn. Berkley took a role in the movie “Showgirls” where she played a troubled stripper in a performance so exaggerated and over the top, her career has never quite recovered. The critics were tough on Elizabeth and declared her worthy of two Razzies, one for Worst Actress and another for Worst New Star. After such a painful black eye, she hasn’t given up hosting and participating in reality TV competitions like Step it Up and Dance and Dancing With The Stars, as well as other small parts in TV dramas and movies, but with little to none commercial success. Oh well! Despite of all her potential, Jessie Spano’s promising career ended, before it began!