17 Celebrities Who Insured Their Body Parts


#15 – Kylie Minogue (Derriere)

Kylie Minogue Buttocks Insurance
Image: Mirror

God forbid anything happens to her posterior while on stage, she insured it for $5 million! Her admired rear end is not the most voluminous one out there, because nowadays the bum department is quite competitive, and a bit out of proportion if you ask me!

But its ideal size and shape, which she blames on workouts and the use of high heels on stage, have won her a high enough score to drive her to protect it with an insurance policy worth more than all your coworkers homes, combined! While it is true that Kylie is in her 40s, her worth, including the value of her beautiful bum, doesn’t seem to be diminishing!

Derriere Insurance Cost: $5 Million