17 Celebrities Who Insured Their Body Parts


In today’s ever changing world, people feel that in order to be safe they must buy insurance for their most cherished possessions, everything from cars, homes, health and even life itself! Amongst us mere mortals, that is as far as the insurance industry gets, however, celebrities seem to require a special type of coverage, policies not included in your typical auto insurance, or health insurance plan! Yes, we are talking body parts! Some actually quite unusual and a bit ridiculous, but hey! A-listers know that without these lucrative body parts their bulky paycheck would disappear!

Any full dental insurance covers routine checkups, cleanings, x-rays and even implants, but none of them would cover your smile or tongue, and estimating how much these are worth can be quite tricky! But here’s a hint: None are worth less than 7 figure fortunes! Be ready to be blown away as we reveal how much these 17 celebrities consider their prized assets are worth!

#17 – Daniel Craig (Whole Body)

Daniel Craig Whole Body Insurance
Image: Yahoo

While for most actors, specialists need to be hired to perform stunts in movies, Daniel Craig was brave enough to accept the challenge in Casino Royale, back in 2006.

The star of the Bond film knew the risks involved in the stunt work, and took out a $9.5 million insurance policy to protect his body in case any unfortunate accident occurred during the filming. The policy was renewed when he insisted on performing most of the stunts for other Bond movies like Quantum of Solace in 2008 and again in Skyfall, 2012.

Body Insurance Cost: $9.5 Million