6 Popular High End Gadgets With Doubtful Uses—At Least For Now—


#1 – Selfie Stick

Image: PopSugar

Very recently the famous bar reportedly saved a teenager from drowning, so add that to its extras, because this gizmo is not very popular these days. Otherwise called  the narcisstick, it has been banned from most museums because they fear damage to the pieces in the exhibit. And the logic behind this prohibition is that a very crowded place gets even more dangerous if as many as 4 out of 10 visitors has a stick. Taking pictures of happy or important moments is great as a way to go back to that happiness later on, but we should reflect on two things. First, touristic landmarks as well as meaningful occasions need to be seen, carefully observed, fully lived in order to be remembered, so forget the camera and open your eyes, rejoice in the beauty of the place or moment you have in front of you. Second, where should the focus be? You? All the time?… The camera should be turned according to your answer!

OUR VERDICT: Not admitting that we are also big fans of that selfie stick moment and its outcome, would be plain wrong! But he selfie stick could be a hazard to our safety or the safety of the people around us at busy touristic spots. So buy it, enjoy it, use it, but leave it when headed to congested destinations or events.

As we become increasingly spoiled for choice of novelties, our expectations raise and so should our criteria for choosing what to buy, and what to put aside—at least for now—.