6 Popular High End Gadgets With Doubtful Uses—At Least For Now—


#3 – Mobile Payment Systems

Square Mobile Payment
Image: Blogspot

Thanks to smartphones we have gotten rid of our alarm clocks, music players, recorders, cameras and pretty soon we will also manage without cash…yes…cash! And we are not talking about an app that you have to open and linked to your bank account allows you to pay for your purchases. This state of the art innovation, would permit payment with only one touch, without even having to  wake your display. For it to work however, merchants everywhere would all need to have the appropriate reader, and we have a feeling this could take a while! However, the United States is changing the chips in their cards, what would force stores to upgrade their terminals anyway and increase the speed in which contactless payments become more popular. In any case it is a fact that the there is a vast majority of smartphone users that would see no need to change their payment method just yet. but this could dramatically change as terminals become more popular and competition pushes marketing strategies to show us the pros.

OUR VERDICT: We are delighted by the safety features these systems promise, leaving no trace of  sensitive information either in our phones or on the merchants. The platform has great possibilities, but we see it working in the not so immediate future…lots of changes need to take place for this technology to become fully usable.

#2 – Ostrich Pillow

Ostrich Pillow
Image: Shopify

Somewhere in the middle between a hood, a pillow, a bulb, a hat and a cushion you can find the precise description of this gadget. This thing goes over your head, to supposedly help you nap anywhere you might be. Quick question: Is this even more embarrassing than snoring, drooling or accidentally dropping your head on your seatmate’s shoulder? Probably! Let’s try to focus on the positive: The Ostrich pillow offers a soft support for your head and neck, leaving out your mouth and nose to breathe. It has holes that you can use to rest your arms when resting face down in the office or when traveling (as long as the person in front of you doesn’t recline their seat). This isolation cocoon transports you to doze land in no time!

OUR VERDICT: While we believe in the revitalizing potential of power naps, the negative attention this object can direct your way is something to think about. It is screaming: Rob me! Or: Hello boss, I was up late partying!