6 Popular High End Gadgets With Doubtful Uses—At Least For Now—


#5 – Smart Watches

Smart Watches: Fitbit, Apple Watch, Nike+, Pebble, Sony SmartWatch,
Image: SlickWraps

Ok, so maybe, and only maybe we will set ourselves free from checking our phone all the time for notifications, but it is not complete freedom, just a transfer of the same dependence to our wrists. It is pretty neat having a watch that keeps track of our health: steps, heart rate, calories consumed…but there are fitness watches for this, right? and what if you don’t work out and are rather careless about your well being…shame on you! Some smart watches allow us to answer conversations while others let us carry them out directly from the watch, and at this point we ask ourselves: Are smartwatches a substitute or a fancy complement to our smartphone? Of course, the second, actually both gadgets need to be compatible in order to get the full list of advantages. Yes, you can control the music you are listening from your phone while it is in your bag and hit next on your smartwatch when you don’t like the track that comes up—without your battery disappearing before your eyes—and customizing the its face daily can be much fun, but are these features strong enough to get you to spend big bucks on this cool invention?

OUR VERDICT: Smartwatches are cool! They can be rather annoying if you don’t turn off some of the useless notifications, but they allow us to make the most out of our smartphones and even enjoy some of the advantages of a smart home. So if you have the extra money, go for it!

#4 – Curved Mobile Phones

Curved Screen Phones

First, flat seemed to be the new big thing, and now, incredibly enough, curvy is making a comeback. How is that possible? Well, we are all getting a bit rounder as time goes by right? (whether we like it or not). As mobile phones are being used to watch videos and play games more and more, science says the curved screen enables greater immersion in the image, but is this true for a screen this small? Of course we understand that curves adapt more naturally to the body parts phones come in contact with when we use them. Face..check, Back pocket…check, but what happens with the front pocket? Can you easily fit a curved mobile phone in your front pocket? Maybe not! We get the feeling that the two big guys—if you know what I mean—behind this initiative are trying to think outside the box and using “the curve” as a strategy to compete with the market’s leader, offering something radically different from our current idea of a cutting edge phone.

OUR VERDICT: Curvy is fun and even sexy, but as of now, nothing beats the stylish flat and slim devices out there. We still need more convincing, who knows? Maybe the next generation of phones presents the arguments that tip our scale.