6 Popular High End Gadgets With Doubtful Uses—At Least For Now—


Curved Screen Phones

It is undeniable that technology has become a or key part of our lives. Even those of us who are not precisely computer geeks, programmers, hackers nor techies, have inevitably become experts at using new gadgets and breakthrough inventions that have proven to make our lives easier. But we are constantly bombarded with new discoveries that force us to change our pattern of conduct, the way we work, communicate, learn, live and even travel and rest… there are very few aspects of our lives that have not radically changed in the last 20 years.

All of this technological development can be overwhelming, and at Trend Guru, we have decided to offer our take on which gadgets are worth looking into, and which novelties are ornamental but hopeless. So, read on before hunting for your new toy!

#6 – 4K TV

Samsung UHD 4k TV
Image: BestOfMicro

Its name is so cool, it makes us automatically want it! What it offers is new breakthrough quality when it comes to image. But the 4K technology will not only affect TV but also give our smartphones, cameras and computers display impressive vision. It is a matter of eight million pixels versus two million pixels—about four times more detail than the not so old 1080 HD—which ends up giving us  a sense of smoothness in the image. Also known as UHD TVs, the 4K technology will be a work in progress for years to come, mainly because it presents compatibility issues with most of the existing devices and also due to the lack of content in this format. With an average Internet connection it is virtually impossible to transfer such heavy files, so that is another difficulty that needs to be worked out. Lastly, because we hardly ever sit closer than 2 metres from our TV, most of us won’t have the visual capacity to distinguish the details between a 1080 and a UHD.

OUR VERDICT: There is a great feeling when you get the latest and greatest of anything, but for now, we say skip 4K TVs! They still have a long way to go until we can experience its promising features.