20 Celebrities Who Strive To Stay Fit


Having a jaw dropping body is not a matter of a day or two. Only those who become fitness devotees, and discover the right combination of sweat sessions and clean diet that gets them looking fit, end up turning heads at the beach. Because celebrities live off their image, and having a lean physique can actually open doors for them, fitness is a field in which they certainly have bits of wisdom to share, some more than others of course! Today we turn to the fit celebrities, for a full intravenous dose of fitspiration to drop the chips, roll out of the sofa and hit the gym in order to start your path to looking and feeling insanely fit! Whether they’re into running, love pilates or yoga or spin fat away in cycling classes, we will tell you what these celebs are doing to look curvaceous and hot along with graphic evidence of just how fit they are, as if their instagram and twitter posts weren’t enough, to inspire you to become a fitness enthusiast yourself!

The Guru has rounded up a list of the top 20 absolutely fittest stars right now… click to discover getting fit is not an easy trick! Some of their routines might work for you! Thank us next summer!

#20 – Zack Efron

Zack Efron
Image: CeleBuzz

This guy has definitely come a long way since his High School Musical days. Growing out of his teen years the actor has discovered the need for a super toned body and has incorporated training and a balanced diet into his life. First of all, Zack is strongly committed and sticks to his workout routine unconditionally, starting the day off with a visit to the gym, where he is in no rush to get ripped, but rather understands that developing good looking muscles is a matter of time and patience. Also a fan of the 3-2-1 workout designed by Ramona Braganza, Zack combines them with circuit weight training and some navy seal style workout which includes speed walking for 30 minutes followed by strength training. This rigorous routine promises to not only burn lots of fat and calories but also get you in excellent cardiovascular condition while providing strength and energy.