Top 6 Exercises That Help Improve Your Sleep


Some people have absolutely no problem falling asleep – they’re the lucky ones. For some, falling asleep is an immense challenge and when they do fall asleep, they just keep on waking up multiple times during the night, not being able to rest properly. But you don’t need to worry anymore, as we’ve gathered a list of 5 exercises that are going to help you sleep better:

1. Take a Nice Warm Shower

After a long day it can be extremely relaxing to take a warm shower and then go right back to sleep. The water flow is going to relax your mind, and the cleanliness is going to relax your body. As soon as your body cools down from the shower, go to bed and you’ll have a great night.

2. Make Yourself Yawn

This one might sound a little strange. We might not know why we yawn, but it has been proven repeatedly that yawning releases tension from the brain which is essentially a way for your body to inform your brain it need to rest.

3. Meditate

When you go to sleep your brain decides to be extremely active, and that can prevent a lot of people from falling asleep. The best thing to do is to meditate: relax your muscles and allow them to loosen up onto the mattress and then visualize yourself addressing your thoughts and resolving them – it might take a little practice, but when you manage to do it you’ll be thankful.

4. Acknowledge distractions

At night a lot of people become extremely aware of their surrounds and even the slightest noise can bother them. This is completely natural, this is your defense mechanism helping you survive and stay away from predators.
A few years ago this would save your life multiple times, but nowadays it just stops you from getting some much needed sleep.
In order to counter this, you need to acknowledge your distractions. When you see you’re aware of something, tell yourself about it, acknowledge it and then dismiss it. For example, tell yourself “I can hear the clock ticking. It’s just a clock, everything is fine” and then slowly dismiss this thought.

5. Try a Breathing Exercise

If all else fails, it’s time for you to assume control over things and to actively attempt to fall asleep. It’s well known that the way you breathe can mean the difference between being extremely can and extremely stressed out, so we’re going to use a breathing technique to help you sleep better.
All you need to do is lie on your back, and focus on your stomach and on the way you breathe. For this to work, you need to breathe slowly, around six times per minute, and while you do this you need to feel your stomach rising as you inhale. It might sound hard at first, but once you get the hang of it it’ll work like a charm.

6. Use Your Imagination

Once you get the hang of the breathing exercise you can mix it up with your own imagination. There are a lot of things you can imagine to help you sleep better, such as your perfect house or room, an alternative ending to a recent event you had, imagining something impossible and so on. Keeping your imagination active before you fall asleep is going to help you have a lucid dream during your sleep.