Donald Trump’s 9 Biggest and Falsest Claims


#8 – Trump says white people are mostly killed by black people.

Donald Trump Racist Tweet
Image: Gawker

There are many times when Trump has retweeted questionable information, but this time he outdid himself. A false incriminating and racially charged piece of statistics that indicated that 81% of white homicide victims were killed by blacks, when in fact, according to FBI stats from 2014, 82% of the homicides of white people were committed by whites and only 15% of those murders by black offenders. While any homicide is a tragedy and should be condemned regardless of race, most studies show that victims are more frequently killed by people they know, which is logically explained by the FBI’s statistic, which are the last official available information on the subject.

The question now is inevitable: Why then would Trump retweet information from a bureau that doesn’t even appear to exist? When fact checked, the “Crime Statistics Bureau” of San Francisco, is not even the name of a real government agency. Only possible explanation: The retweet came only two days after a black protester at one of Trump’s speeches was kicked and punched by other white people present at the event. A physical altercation the real-estate-mogul-turned-republican-candidate thought was provoked by the man’s “disgusting” behavior.