Donald Trump’s 9 Biggest and Falsest Claims


#9 – Trump says Vladimir Putin is his bestie.

If Putin wants to go in—and I got to know him very well, because we were both on 60 minutes, we were stablemates.

While it is true that they have offered high praise for each other, highlighting their talent and leadership, these two have never even met! Why, however, did Trump’s remarks after their appearance in 60 minutes seemed to indicate that he bonded with Putin over coffee in the waiting room, when in fact both interviews were recorded in different continents? Easy! Presumably because, while many consider this “friendship” a threat rather than a plus for Trump, The Donald seems to be happy to have a powerful new bestie on his side.

The one thing they do share is the strong postures they arise within the people in and out of their countries, not necessarily for the best reasons. And then, there is their common hate for Obama. But are these reasons enough to bring them together? Mr. Trump sure believes so, as he affirmed last summer that the U.S.’s relationship with Russia is the way it is because both leaders “hate” each other, something he would apparently be willing to fix.