Celebrities Who Would Make Amazing Babysitters, At Least For A Day

Hugh Jackman
Image: HelloMagazine

So the very obvious trait a babysitter needs to show is clear: they must be fond of kids. However, there is much more to look for when trusting someone to care for your children, and if you happen to be spending a day in Hollywood and have a choice of your favorite stars to watch your little “angels” or they happen to be touring your area, here is the list of who is the right candidate and why they could be a reliable and capable contender for the job.

Of course their entire CV’s as well as a good list of references are a few clicks away, but we have put together solid reasons why each star could end up being the perfect nanny—you may be surprised! Read on!

#10 – Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake
Image: US Magazine

A good babysitter needs to be friendly and Justin is known to be quite a nice guy. He has admitted to be a mama’s boy who shares all his secrets with mom Lynn Harless. He recently became a father, so we have to highlight experience as one of his attributes. At this point he has learned to become aware of kid’s needs, and what to do to make them happy. And if your brats are into sports, then Justin is an avid golfer and a more than decent basketball player.