17 Celebs Who Lost Millions In Divorce Settlements


#15 – Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria-Shriver Divorce
Image: Star Media

For being known as “The Terminator” Mr. Schwarzenegger has had a hard time terminating his marriage to Maria Shriver, the mother of Arnold’s children, because as of October 2015 the actor still hadn’t signed the paperwork to officially end his marriage. An uncontested divorce he has emotionally moved on from, dating physical therapist Heather Milligan for over three years, but has yet to put an end to the agreement in which he will split his $400 million fortune with ex wife Maria Shriver, leaving her with a whooping $250 million.

This may be the reason why the former couple has remained in good terms after their split in 2011, when it emerged that Arnold had a secret love child with their housekeeper. Despite the conflict, the couple is often seen not in divorce court nor in the company of their divorce attorneys, but with their children Katherine who is 25, Patrick, 22 and Christopher, 18, on special occasions, like last summer when the whole family went out to celebrate Schwarzenegger’s 68th birthday. While she hasn’t replaced Arnold with a new beau yet, Maria has decided to get back to her job as a news anchor and correspondent for NBC, after putting her career on hold to support Arnold when he went into politics.

Divorce Cost: $250 million