17 Celebs Who Lost Millions In Divorce Settlements


#16 – Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Divorce Cost
Image: VanityFair

When in February 2015 the couple tied the knot in Los Angeles, nobody expected things to end up in such catastrophe! Word has it, however, that the couple started off on the wrong foot! Who would say no to Johnny Depp, right? But the bride to be had a serious case of cold feet, and went into the marriage with doubts that two fiery personalities would be good together—insecurities that presumably are to blame for such sudden and tempestuous split!

After only 15 months of marriage, Heard could end up with a $20 million fortune in divorce settlement, as the couple hadn’t signed a prenup and she is entitled to one half of their combined wealth since they were married. Not a bad deal, considering that during their marriage she only made $383,000. The bisexual beauty, however, didn’t expect a penny less than $50,000 a month in support, $125,000 for legal fees, their LA penthouse, his Range Rover and custody of their furry Yorkshire terriers. Hopefully, and for the sake of their reputations, an agreement regarding divorce settlement will be reached shortly!

Divorce Cost: $20 million