17 Celebs Who Lost Millions In Divorce Settlements


As outsiders, we only see them as perfect couples who seem to live in harmony and love each other passionately. And just when we thought they were going to live happily ever after… Boom! Love ends, divorce attorneys take over and a long, traumatic battle begins, because amongst the rich and famous, divorce brings not only emotional consequences, but also an economic battle with only one winner. Celebrity divorces can get ugly real fast, and a misunderstanding can end up costing these guys ridiculous amounts of money—truly a big bite out of their fortune.

We have put together a list of some of the most extravagant divorce settlements in Hollywood; 15 couples who once said “I do” thinking it would last forever and have had to seek help from prestigious divorce lawyers and family law attorneys to minimize the costly consequences of not signing a prenup and solve all emerging custody and support conflicts and fees! Bear with us as we break down some of the most expensive celebrity divorces of all time!

#17 – Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
Image: InTouch

Celebrity history has changed after Angelina Jolie announced she was filing for divorce on September 20th. For a few hours the world took a break from all its problems to focus on the details of the unexpectedly dramatic breakup of one of Hollywood’s most emblematic couples. While their closest friends recognized Brad and Angie have spent more time apart than usual during the past year, it seems as if the cause of the split is no other than their different outlooks on parenting. They had even allegedly seeked for professional help to try and amend their disagreement, or even make the fissure an amicable one, but nothing worked.

Now, they have to deal with custody issues, property split as well as support agreements, in order to put a definite end to their relatively short marriage. Custody of their children, which Angelina has asked for in full, won’t be decided until the investigation on the jet incident opened against Brad, for presumably verbally and physically abusing his son Maddox, is not finished. As far as the division of capital and properties, and being their combined net worth approximately $400 million, there is still some major negotiating to be done. However, considering that since their marriage the couple supposedly generated $117.5 million, and taking into account the state laws of California regarding divorces with a signed prenup , most of the assets will go back to Brad, since he had purchased them before their wedding. Will Brad be generous enough to ignore the law, or will he fight to keep most of his earnings. Let’s hope they both act in the best interest of their children. Will  they top our list of most expensive divorces ever? Stay tuned!

Divorce Cost: $400 million