8 Ultimate Celebrity Baby Fashion DOs and DON’Ts

Kim Kardashian and North West
Image: HerSweat

They win us over from the moment we first hear about their upcoming birth, these kids have fans before they have had a glimpse of this world, and no, they have not yet worn their first outfit, but fashion news roll fast and we soon know what it will look like, where it was bought and how much it cost. We know it all about them because they are the offspring of our dear celebrities, and to us fans, they are family! We actually take some pride in being up to date in everything that regards our beloved stars! And then, right after their baby’s birth, our mission becomes to love or hate the fashion trends they quickly become distinctive for, no gray tones here! Our posture is closely related to how much we approve of the progenitor’s parenting skills, which in Hollywood can be rather peculiar and extravagant, and we are not just talking about Jay Z & Beyonce here, oh no, there’s  so much more!


Today, we will sit comfortably in a preferable spot at the baby-style podium of the entertainment world, as any prestigious fashion designer would, and pronounce the definite DOs or DON’Ts of celebrity babies’ vogue, which new trends work and which should be dumped! Let’s go for it!

#8 – Suri Cruise (Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes)

Suri Cruise
Image: Celebrity Baby Scoop

DON’T wear high heels until you are old enough to fit into and adult size! We all know that Suri Cruise has a style of her own, she’s undoubtedly mini celeb style royalty. The 8 year old steps out rocking very stylish attires. Her designer brands of choice are as chic as Kid by Phillip Lim, Burberry, Gucci, Roger Vivier, Stella McCartney kids and Bonpoint. The little fashionista has fans everywhere who analyse her appearance and try to imitate it. It has even been said that Duchess Kate of Cambridge has copied as many as 8 looks from Suri! Which sounds a bit satirical, right? And even though we all get softened whenever a little girl wants to look like a grown up, please Kate and Tom! Let’s set some limits! No high heels at least until the adult sizes really fit!

The rest of the little girls’ moms out here will remain forever thankful! There is no need to rush into womanhood, and Suri is a trendsetter for millions, whether she likes it or not.