31 Shocking Photos of Celebrities Without Makeup


A new trend for some, for most a new challenge. Showing their faces with natural makeup look has become the new thing in Hollywood. Almost every day a new star decides to reveal their face in all its natural glory and embrace their small flaws by showing it to the world, saying it is OK, even for them, to skip makeup every once in a while! When, for better or worse, celebrities decide to let their skin breathe, we discover their natural beauty and a) idealize them even more for looking gorgeous and confident in their own skin, or b) idealize them even more for having the bravery to let us see them looking like THAT! Since we know just how complicated the relationship between most women and makeup is, we have decided to give them all a pat on the back, and say “Hey girls, let’s cut the drama! We don’t look that back after all!” Sit back, relax and laugh a little, while you discover that some of your fave stars have let their flaws turn into assets, and others, well, they are allowing us to see what was behind the mask! You can’t afford to miss any of these celebrities without makeup!

#31 – Taylor Swift

Image: E-Online

Once just a good old (not!) country singer, today pop music royalty, Tay loves kicking back and dressing down to relax and spend time with friends. No fancy makeup or expensive outfit: Taylor firmly believes that taking a break from all the glamour every now and then and feeling comfortable with no makeup brings out a girl’s inner beauty. So aside from seeming gracious, being awfully talented and having the coolest boyfriend a girl could dream of, here is one more reason to hate her: Taylor looks every bit as lovely without makeup as she does with it!

We love you anyways Tay-Tay!