16 Celebrities Give Wise Parenting Advice


Parenting is one of the most challenging adventures a person can go through, from the very second you know you’ll become a parent you enter a rollercoaster of emotions and trillions of doubts constantly assault you. Since we live in a world where so much information is available, discriminating what works from what doesn’t can become quite a difficult task, so the best option is to go directly to the most reliable source: experienced parents. They have been through it all and have learned, mostly by trial and error, all the how-to’s and the when-to’s that hunt all newcomers on the subject of parenting!

We know you love fancy and exclusive, so we have selected a group of parents you are surely familiar with, made up of people who, willingly or not, have exposed their lives to the public, making their hits and mistakes in parenting, together with every other aspect in their lives, well, quite patent! Yes, we are talking about celebrities! These 16 renowned names have shared some of their personal thoughts when it comes to being a parent, which shows that they are not just pretty faces and hot bodies. Read on to find out what these celebs have learned from the most important job in their lives!

#16 – Beyonce, on the Importance of Breastfeeding.

Beyonce and Blue Ivy
Image: DailyMail

When music star was spotted nursing her baby during her first 10 weeks, opinions worldwide divided: those who thought it was outrageous that a mother with all the resources Beyonce has available only breastfeed her child for such a short period, and those who found her public demonstration inspiring. At the time, Beyonce gushed about how breastfeeding was as beneficial for the baby as it was for mothers, who might shed some of the baby weight like she did. The bond built between mom and child through breastfeeding is widely regarded as unique and everlasting. Mrs. Carter had a hard time balancing work life and motherhood, but decided that caring for her baby was her priority and only took a few hours each day to record her album. Her new production served as an outlet in a very busy time for any new mom.