19 Celebrity Kids Who Look Exactly Like Their Parents


It is all fun and games until you hit that stage in life when you are not a kid nor a grownup, and your “twin” parent, famous or anonymous, just seems crankier, slower and plain boring. You stop wanting to copy them, and they start wanting to copy you! The fact is that looking like your parents is common and something you learn to live with, but being the spitting image of your remarkable ancestor—Hint! Cindy Crawford and her Gerber baby girl—can end up becoming a pain in the… genes! They are to blame!

There’s Something quirky about DNA and genetics and why kids look like their parents but the fact is that whether or not these Hollykids understand why, their lives are inevitably marked by the image they resemble. Are they thankful or planning on a face off surgery? You’d be surprised at how the next generation of stars feels about being their parent’s mini me! Ready for a round of celebrity match? Don’t miss any of the lookalike Celeb + kid duos in our list, we’ve gone the whole nine yards!

#19 – Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber

Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber
Image: E-Online

Mom Cindy Crawford is a runway legend and daughter Kaia—the real Gerber baby—is an up and coming talent. Mommy’s girl already has an amazing fashion book of her own, last year surprised the world with a stunning photo shoot in Teen Vogue’s Jan 2015 issue, and very recently landed her first acting job in the film “Sister Cities”.

The 14 year old has admitted to be a bit embarrassed by Cindy Crawford’s presence in social media, but for Kaia there is no shame at all in being her mother’s spitting image because it has granted her the looks and style to follow in Cindy Crawford’s career footsteps.