Poor Rich Kids: Celebrities Who Cut Their Kids Out Of Their Will


There’s an old saying that goes : “Leave your children enough to do something, not enough to do nothing.” Well, some celebrity multi-millionaires have made this phrase theirs, and transformed it into a philosophy to live by. These guys and gals have offered their kids the chance to grow in amazing mansions with all the commodities money can buy, have given them access to excellent education, and, in most cases, provided all the economic support their offspring needed to launch successful careers; but that’s where their generosity ends.

How these kids capitalize all the advantages that having a rich parent can have throughout their lives will determine how they do in the future, because their rich parents have practically disinherited them upon their death. Do inheritances do more harm than good? Here are a few popular faces, and their reasons for not leaving their children one red cent!

#12 – Sting

Image: Pinterest

“The Police” lead singer and talented artist allegedly worth approximately $300 million is committed to giving some of his fortune to charity, and spending a huge bit of it, which leaves his kids with very little to depend on in the future. He is seriously determined to have his children work and earn their own money, which is why he has cut them out of his will. That value of money normal kids are born with is what Sting, as well as other celebs in our list, want their offspring to learn, in the firm belief that it will serve them a better purpose than leaving them fields of gold to walk in when they pass. These poor rich kids will have to learn -the hard way- to enjoy only the result of the success they attain thanks to their own merit and sacrifice, not their parent’s.