Top 10 Books That Were Better Than Their Movie Counterparts


Though with some exceptions, there are many books that were better than their movies. Apart from it being easy to imagine what is going on in the character’s mind, books are also portable and can be accessed anytime of the day. It does not require any player set like movies before you can access the content.

It is very hard for you to compare movies and books. Even though, they are both telling stories one make use of the visual character to express its storyline while the other make use of descriptive sentence. Many times, the books of movies are usually better than their movies, probably because the movies cannot fully express all that are in the books or the movies altered the original intent of the books.

Ten of the movies that fall into the category are highlighted below:

1. Harry Potter – Chamber of Secrets

Though, there has been a serious controversy on the basis that none of the seven Harry Potter movies matchup with the books. Notwithstanding, these two movies, Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s stone and Harry potter: Chamber of Secret are worth singling out. Both movies do not in perfect sense show the intent of their books.

2. Water for Elephants

It is not that the movie was bad, but the reaction between Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon was not in effect in the movies as in the book. You will enjoy the movie if you have probably read the book, but then, you will know that the book is far more preferable than the movie.

3. Around the World in 80 Days

This movie is about a man and his valet who attempted to travel through the whole world in 80 days in order to win a stake. The assumption of the movie was so simple that it seems it was made to fit perfectly into a movie. Unfortunately, the movie turn out to be rubbish since it deviate totally from the plotline of the book.

4. John Dies at The End

This book by David Wong was an unrecognized horror – comedy book. The story revolve around a pair of pupil who dropped out from school and went to take supernatural medicine before start the unintentional apocalypse. The book is so lengthy with some sense of humor and horror incorporated. The bulkiness of this book makes it impossible to fit it into a movie. Nevertheless, the movie writer went on to cut off some parts of the books and some characters in order to limit the movie to a reasonable view time.

5. The Eragon

It isn’t a surprise that this is one of the worst transformation of book to movie. The movie does live up to the prose of the book. In fact, by the time the book was transform into a movie, the original meaning of the writer’s prose has been lost. Most of the important character in the book were completely left out in the movie.

6. The Mortal Instruments

This book is about the myths of demons and Nephilim. It also spans social and moral issues. However, the movie does not fully portray this intent. Rather than bringing out the original meaning of the book, the movie turned out to be an uninteresting love story.

7. The Great Gatsby

Despite the fact that this book has been declared impossible to be turned into a movie, yet, it was given five trials. None of this five trials was able to live up to the standard of the book.

8. Time Traveler’s Wife

This book was popularly known when it was published in 2003. Thousands of copies were sold. However, the criticism on this book for being melodramatic was worsened when it was turned to a movie.

9. The Fault in Our Stars

Though the movie was a beautiful one and the actors had a great performance, not all the write up in the book can be included in the movie. As a result of this, too many development of character were being cut off in the movie. Rather than the story being an adventure story, as portrayed by the book, it ended up being a love story in its movie.

10. The Haunting of Hill House

This book was written by Shirley Jackson. It is an interesting and cool ghost story and it was nominated in 1959 for National Book Award (NBA). The reproduction of the movie in 1999 was one of the worst horror movies in the past decades, even though the first making of the movie in 1963 was great and frightening.