10 Movies That Made You Want to Leave The Movie Theater Before The First Half


Do you love movies? Watching a movie is a really cool experience, but there are many situations in which some of them might not be as good as expected. Yes, despite having lots of masterpieces in the movie world, there are a ton more bad movies to go with them, and this is why we have created a list with some of the worst, that will actually make you leave the movie theater before the first half.

1. Soul Plane

As usual, parodies created based on a parody movie are off to a very bad start right off the bat. The issue here is that it also has a lot of racist jokes and most of the jokes here are just not funny. It’s one thing to be a bad parody and another thing entirely to be a bad movie, but Soul Plane manages to be both.

2. Parting Shots

What makes this a bad movie is the low concept of following an ill man that wants to kill anyone who gets on his nerves. Combined with a set of very bad performances and poor execution, this really makes you exit the theatre fast.

3. Superman IV The Quest for Peace

Unlike the over Superman movies, this one is very bad because it just doesn’t have a coherent story and the bland action, combined with the small budget just made the movie flop.

4. Dungeons and Dragons

One of favorite gaming worlds and franchises was butchered in this bad movie. The camera work is bad, the script and the direction were bad as well, so overall this is a bland movie that won’t keep you in the movie theater for long.

5. Eragon

With a plot that seems written by kids and a bland dialog, there’s not that much to keep you here, not even the effects. This is a bad movie and one that you should stay far away from.

6. House of the Dead

Director Uwe Boll is known for making bad video game inspired movies, and this one is no different. The plot is non existent, and everything just seems to be placed there for the sake of it, with no character development.

7. Glitter

Leave Mariah Carey sing and don’t place her into movies. The lack of acting skills, combined with some blandly chosen music as well as other poor choices make this movie one that you will run away from in spades!

8. Speed 2

Sometimes, making a sequel is a terrible idea, and that’s what happens here. The poor plot and not that great acting makes this movie one that’s very hard to watch!

9. Freddy Got Fingered

Poor comedy and horrific script makes this one of those movies that you need to stay clear of, it’s so bad that you won’t resist 10 minutes in the theater.

10. Battlefield Earth

Few movies can be so bad but this one is a very bad movie that you can’t watch at all. The idea of having John Travolta as a 9 feet tall alien with dreadlocks is one of the dumbest I have ever seen out there.

In conclusion, if you fear to see a bad movie, then you should definitely avoid the whole set of 10 movies on our list. Yes, they are that bad that you should just use your money to buy yourself something nice, maybe even a coffee or a hamburger!